Hi! This is more of a competition...

Young app developers can show there projects and win non-monetary prizes.

Taking part in this Hackathon is simple, just Sign up for the hackathon and submit your projects when the time comes.

Only students in Grades 12 or below can participate in this Hackathon.

Your app doesn't have to be solving any problems, it doesn't have to be pandemic related, but it should have a purpose. Your app can be related to entertainment, productivity, education or anything. But your must be attractive and have a good UI, which can make people download your app, and not delete your app...

We need a link to test your app, so when making the project make sure you enter a valid link where we can download an apk to install your app. Or you can upload the apk file when submitting. (If apk doesn't work make it a zip file and submit)


Please note...

Your app must have been built recently with no one's help except for team members.


Coding is not the only way to build apps... You can use different other ways. And how you built the app doesn't matter, only the final product matters. (Your app can be built with app builders too.)


Country: Any

Age: Grade 12 or below (School)

Team size: 1 - 5



This hackathon is a competition where you build an app.

So, we need an apk of your app, (Please note that your apk must support Android).

We also need Screenshots of your app, please note that screenshots can contain text and can be modified the way you want, but also have a real screenshot of the app. (3 or more screenshots needed).

A project you make at devpost is very suitable, the only thing extra required is the link to get your apk or the attached file.

Hackathon Sponsors


Best App Overall

*Assistance in Publishing the app on Stores.
We'll help you to grow your user base, monetize your app and earn from your app.
*Building a website.
We'll assist you in building a landing page/web app for your app and grow your user base.
*Partnerships in future app development.
You can participate in partnerships with our company for future app development.

Most Innovative App

Is your app productive? Is it unique? Is it an advanced project?
*Assistance in publishing the app on Stores.
Your app is productive and innovative we'll help you in earning from your app and taking it to the world.
*Cross Promotion
You can participate in cross promotion of your app with our apps and websites.
*Help in developing your app

Honourable Mention

*Help in developing the app
*Some assist in publishing app on the Stores.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sampath Rathnayake

Sampath Rathnayake

Judging Criteria

  • App Design
    Everything about the design of the app:- *The User Interface *Navigation *Menus *Animations(If any) *App Icon
  • App Purpose
    There should be a purpose of building an app, either it should make people laugh or solve a problem. If it doesn't do anything, your app will be considered spam. So make sure your app has a purpose.
  • App Compatibility
    Is your app only working with mobile phones? Does it work with tabs? Can your app be used in an IOS device? It all matters.
  • Special Features
    Some apps provide special features, if you have such special features in your app, you get more points. (But it's not a must)

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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